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17th-Jun-2010 11:12 pm - ANGEL BEATS


Here's about Angel Beats!Collapse )
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24th-Aug-2009 03:47 pm - Random Thing Cass Showed Me


But why did Hong Kong have to die?!

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19th-Aug-2009 11:19 pm - LIST THINGIES
Just two quizzes about Hetalia I took.

[Sometimes only 3 letters can describe a situation...]Collapse )
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12th-Jun-2009 11:37 pm - BG is pimp, srsly
Today, I'm talking randomly about my trip to Busch Gardens<3

BG+Thoughts of Hetalia=Win srslyCollapse )
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9th-Jun-2009 09:29 am - Heck yes!

So, yeah, first lj post in forever (almost literally). :D

I'[m just so excited about something, I have to post about it.

I didn't even do anything for it though. o_O

Anyways, I'm sooooooo happy! Money~ Money~ Now I just have to remember to not spend it all in one place.

Besides that, holy crap, APH episode 20. I was crying. But then, when I remembered where the Revolutionary War ended, I started laughing a little, because that's like thirty minutes from my home. XD (I live in VA, USA<3)

Okay, from now on, I'll try to keep up better with my journal f'shiz<3
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